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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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Why some DS games not reading?

So I got a used “NEW” Nintendo 2DS and I have gotten some games for it. All 3DS games that I have inserted are identified right away, however only one DS game works out of four. Everything else works without an issue.

The one what works is Picross DS. The ones that don’s have been two copy’s of Polarium, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2.

When I frist got the system, I replaced the stock 4GB microSD card with a 16GB Samsung Evo. I formatted it with the SD Card association formatter before installing it.

With the system fully powered off, I installed the card, and then went into the settings and did a system update followed by formatting the system memory.

The system went through it’s initial setup and I got everything set up.

For reference, I have 95,347 blocks free, and I downloaded a bunch of demos and a few games.

Any idea what’s going on and/or if I got a dud? Is this fixable, or do I need to contact Nintendo?

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Peaty sure I got this figured out.

First off, 3DS games have there contacts slightly higher then DS games.

So, after I found that out from close inspections, I decided to press a little on the label side of the DS games that don’t work and every time they read.

It would seem that the pins that make contact have been pressed slightly higher then they should be, so at some point I’ll open this bad boy up and gently raise them.

The person I purchased this from had only one game (Pokemon Y) and left it in the system all the time, so I’m theorizing this caused the pins to be pressed higher then they should be over time.

Cleaning the game contacts also helps, but that’s hit or miss. Pressing up on the game always works. Once the system sees the game, there is no issue until I remove it and place either it or another DS game in.

Any other input will be appreciated.

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This helped immensely thank you so much!

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