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The Durango was marketed as a sturdy truck-based SUV designed to hold up to seven passengers and tow up to 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) when properly equipped.

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Help! 2000 Durango No crank no start no bus whats wrong?

Why does my 12v light tester light up when i go from battery ground to fuse box ground? Im wondering why i have a no crank,no start on my Durango so i traced all wiring from ignition switch to starter problem seems to be at ground wire from fuse box to alternator i think and i replaced starter relay and it doesnt switch on when i crank it. Also showing No bus please help!

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do you have anything? Any headlights? Do you have power to the starter? Let's slow down with the testing since it is a bit confusing as in what and where you test. Check to make sure that you have overall power. Turn your headlights on and try to start. Do you have anything? Do the lights go dim? Make sure you start with a known-good battery.

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Battery is good all lights work..headlights dont dim when i crank it and there is power at starter. My ground from fuse box is making my test light go on when i go to battery ground isnt that bad? And it seems my trigger wire to starter isnt showing any response when i crank it also tested it with multimeter. Could any of those 2 things be it?

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Also my test light goes on from battery positive to engine block when key is in on position thanks again for your reponse

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@mf808kailua your test light should not come on when you go from ground to ground. Double check on where you attach it to the fuse box.

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I did and im touching battery negative to negative on fuse box which i believe runs to the alternator /block ground?

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@mf808kailua if your testlight comes on when touch ground-ground you have a short somewhere. pot some images of where you connect your light so we can see what you see Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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