My controller has issues after using a different charger. How to fix?

I have 3 ps4 controllers, 2 first gen and 1 second gen. They were working perfectly fine before I started using this new charger I bought for them. Sometime after using my new charger, my controllers were beginning to have issues one by one.

Issues with my black controller (first gen)

  • at first it turned on but buttons were not working. It could sync to the console and appear to charge (orange light).
  • now it doesn’t turn on; it still charges (orange light turns on when connected), but does not sync to console (after pushing ps button it flashes white while connected but goes back to the charging orange light). No light flashes when it is not connect via usb cable and i press the ps button.

Issues with my blue controller (first gen)

  • It turns on and works perfectly but the X and O buttons do not work (X and O buttons were the only buttons that I could test but assume for the square and triangle buttons to not work as well)
  • all other buttons work fine

Issues with my red controller (second gen)

  • when first turning on this controller the L2 button and the down and right buttons on the d pad are unresponsive, until after a while of playing and using the controller they start to work again.
  • sometimes when playing while the controller is connected sound suddenly stops and it shows that it is connected to earphones, after a few seconds it goes back and sound is on.

I’ve tried reseting the controller with the small reset button for both of my first gen controllers and also took both controllers apart, then blew the corners and crevices with compressed air. Also for just the black controller I tried to connect it by turning the internet router off and so on, but still the same issues haven’t changed.

I don’t want to buy a new charger or another controller… I was wondering if I could do anything else to solve it.

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