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My HP z6 workstation won't output to a screen during bootup. (Does in

I work at an it department, where we just got ourselves a HP Z6 G4 XS4108 128GB W10P Workstation.

When trying to boot with a screen and peripherals connected to the device, it will not display anything on the screen after the initial boot sequence is finished (after the HP logos have dissapeared). If i break the boot sequence by going into UEFI or BIOS, the screen stays on, letting me see what i am doing. But as soon as i continue and continue the boot sequence from any possible boot drive, the screen goes black (no input).

Anybody that might know why the machine won’t display anything past boot?

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Hi @magga ,

Do you know if it was working OK before you got it?

Assuming that you have Win 10 installed, try booting the workstation in safe mode (in your case try options 4, 5 or 6).

If the screen works in safe mode, either the OS is hanging on boot or you may have a video display driver problem.

Ty repairing the Win startup first in case it is hanging on boot.

When you are first in the Windows Recovery Environment menus, select Troubleshooting > Startup repair and follow the prompts.

Once this has been completed , restart the computer and see if it now operates normally.

This link may also be of interest.

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