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An audio/video receiver (AVR or home audio receiver) is a consumer electronics component used in home theaters that convert signals into sound.

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No sound on my TV.

Have Pioneer Elite VSX 52 receiver with surround sound connected to Samsung flat screen TV. Code on screen of receiver always showed TV/SAT when watching TV. Now it shows a flashing UE22 and there is no sound from the system. We use a logitech remote control to operate the system.

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According to the User manual a UE22 code indicates a failed software update. (scroll to p.75).

If you haven’t tried to update the firmware in the receiver then perhaps the wrong buttons have been operated on the remote control which placed the receiver in the update “mode”.

Have you tried operating the Home Menu button (or equivalent) on the remote to see if this restores it back to normal?

As you mention that you are using a Logitech remote , has it been in use for a while or is it a new replacement for the original remote that came with the receiver?

If it is a new remote perhaps the wrong code which matches your receiver, has been selected in the remote and by pushing what was thought to be the correct buttons has actually caused this to happen

If you have been using the remote for a while with the receiver then you may have to go back and set up the input selection again. Go to p.28 in the manual.

If this also fails you could try “resetting” the system back to its’ factory defaults state and setting it up again. (Scroll to p.55)

Last resort if all else fails to work, is try “updating” the software, as per the link above, in case the software in the receiver has somehow become corrupted.

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I have the exact same problem, when I try to do the update I get an ERROR 1 code...Any idea what that means?

- de


Don't know.

If you have a Pioneer VSX-52 all it shows for an Error 1 message is to turn the receiver’s power off, then turn it back on and try updating the software again.

Have you verified that the software update is for your particular model as sometimes the device looks for a particular file name when updating and if that is not correct it won't update.

Also with some and I don't know about Pioneer, you cannot re-install the same version software or a lesser version of the software.

Have you checked that the update that you wish to install is a later version than what is already there?

- de

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My Vsx-52 (purchased dec. 2011) has the same issue. It is a bad HDMI board and must be replaced. Pioneer has been offering a free fix to this ($600) problem. On March 7th 2019 I received approval to have this board replaced at no charge. It must be fixed at their HQ. They are sending me a prepaid shipping box. I will receive it in 7 to 10 business days.

If you haven't already, go to the service section of their website (now onkyo) and send them an email. State that you understand they are offering a fix. For more info, Google UE22 and go to a avform. I followed their expert’s advice and was successful.

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I'm also having this same problem I have a vsx-921 2011 and I have emailed them to see if they might offer to fix it but they have replied saying it will cost £300 to fix it

- de

I am having the same problem since last week and they just replied today that official support offer ended last December 2019, the replacement digital board is no longer available. No solution.

- de

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