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Guías para la versión LTE del iPad Mini 3. Anunciado el 16 de octubre de 2014, el iPad Mini 3 es el sucesor del iPad Mini Retina (ahora conocido como iPad mini 2).

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Red Screen/ attempts to boot twice then red screens

Had a iPad mini 3 come back for a loose home button re-adjusted and adhered the button back. Went to test the device attempts to boot x2 then red screens

What I have tried

- unplugging anything and everything that's not soldered down minus the LCD

- cameras front and rear

- power button

- digi

- home button

- aux

- antennas

- coaxel cables

What I have not tried

- restoring

Anything would be helpful thank you for your time ahead of time

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- tried new battery x2

- took out sim card

- tested for boot without LCD

- de

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Have you checked charger port if it's loose? Sometimes you may need to tighten the screws up for the charger port.

Red screen can also mean the tristar (U2 charging) chip being bad or NAND chip failure.

Might need to do a restore but that will wipe data so if data is needed leave restore for last resort.

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