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Unibody de aluminio de 13", procesador Core 2 Duo de 2.0 o 2.4 GHz.

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How can I install OS X on a hdd and than use it in a MAC?

So i want to “pre-install” OS X El Capitan 10.11 on a HDD ( with the help of a virtual running OS X on virtual box over a windows PC)

And than plug that HDD over a caddy into my macbook EMC 2254 and hope i can install os x or boot or anything..

WHY am I doing this?

Because only my cd/dvd connection is working and my HDD is completely erased theres just nothing on there ...

BTW i tried booting over USB (yes i did it right with TransMac), but i found out that it can only bolt over optical cd/dvd or a firewire connection

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Why dont you try installing the OS through means of internet recovery?

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I tried cmd + alt + r but nothing is showing up

My hdd is disconnected because the cables are not working and it s been COMPLETELY ERASED

I could buy a caddy and connect hd over cd/dvd connector but unless im 100% sure its gonna work i dont wanna spend any more...

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When you say the cables are not working are you referring to the sata cable?

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Yes, there are 2 cables. One thin flex cable and one somewhat bigger ans stronger cable on top of it.

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