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500 series DSLR camera developed by Nikon. Released in February, 2011.

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doesn't fully shut off (coolpix b500)


so my Coolpix b500 (they didn't have that in option) isn't shutting off properly, when i shut it off the green light still is on and the battery's die soo fast! (I use lithium) I have check every setting and have looked on the internet but I cant figure out how to fix it!

please help!!

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I have this issue too. What I do is turn it off, put the lens cap on then turn it on. A message will come on the screen to turn it off then on again. Once I turn it off this time the light goes out. Hope this helps

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I have done this before but wasn't sure if it was okay for camera and if it fully shut off, thanks!

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Thanks Karen. I was having the same problem but your solution fixed it. Thanks again.

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Well done…troubled me for ages…works! Thank you..

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