MacBook won't boot, charger has green light, battery not charging.

I have an old MBP 2009 3.06Ghz which I've used as a backup device for a while. The last time I lent it out to a roommate for a few weeks and I got it back and it was still working. I let it sit in my closet for a while and after 2 months tried to boot it up again but nothing. Charger gives a green light so that means the SMC is getting juice. Battery is not charging however and the charging LED won't turn amber.

I've currently been able to make it work by bypassing the SMC, but that won't charge the battery either and won't make it recognized. I've looked at the DC in and it seems like there might have been some liquid there and I have a white spot on my screen which wasn't there before, meaning that there has been liquid on the LCD backlight sheet.

However, I don't think it's water damaged, all the other components look ok.

The battery was at 98% wear before it stopped being recognized all together. I've already tried disconnecting and reconnecting it but it doesn't work. Resetting the SMC also doesn't work, only an SMC bypass. Everything else seems to be working however when bypassing the SMC. Searching online hasn't yielded me any results.

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Ok, seems like the issue has been fixed. I left the charger attached and went on an errand run for 45 minutes and when I came back the battery was charging again. Everything seems to be working now without issues, SMC is reporting fanspeed values, temperature and battery percentage. No idea what went wrong but it seems fixed now.

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