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El E FUN Nextbook Flexx 10 (Modelo # NXW101QC232) es una tableta basada en Windows con una pantalla de 10.1", procesador Intel ATOM Quad-Core de 1.8GHz, DDR3L de 2GB y 32 GB de almacenamiento integrado.

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My computer is on automatic repair loop and I don't have system image

I have a Nextbook tablet that has been in a automatic repair loop and says: "could not repair your PC"

Someone said that its like that because I didn't update it when I was turning it off, and I never did a system backup of my computer

I tried downloading a iso file and command prompt instructions

Can someone have any steps to fix my computer?

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Restoring without an external restore image -might- be possible, IF the internal recovery image is still ok. From OFF, press and hold the power and volume down buttons. A recovery menu will appear. This is where you diagnose troubles, restore from the internal recovery image, or boot from UEFI Installer.

On mine, reinstalling from the internal recovery solved the reboot loop, but everything was too slow to use, so I performed a fresh install of Windows 10-1909 (32-Bit). I had to use Rufus to make a compatible USB installer, as the Microsoft media creator kept creating an NTFS partition on the install media, which does not work with Secure Boot. See USB media creation below:

1) Obtain a current Windows 10 (32-Bit) ISO file.

2) Within Rufus…

Image Option = Standard Windows Installation

Partition Scheme = GPT

Target System = UEFI (non CSM)

File System = FAT32

3) Boot your tablet from this by powering on and holding POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the driver installer.

I did however use Driver Magician to “backup” the drivers, but screen auto-rotation does not work and thermal sensor drivers refuse to reinstall from the driver files. Everything seems to work otherwise.

Beware the many, many useless and frequently infected “Driver Packs” out there.

The manufacturer, both US (NextBookUSA) and foreign ( have been unwilling to provide drivers.

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Thanks- tried everything under the Sun for 3 days (-8 Apparently Rufus with your combo works unlike diskpart with standard ntfs + 64 bit failed to be seen at all and produced loop of Automatic Repair. Many thanks!!!

- de

Could you post these drivers somewhere? I have most of them but I'm missing a few, like the camera.

- de

My say, please wait. It's in a loop. Rebooted twice. So what now?

- de

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