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Laptops manufactured by Toshiba.

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Why is my laptop's screen goes black but the cursor is working? Help!

Hi, i have a toshiba laptop. Its internet explorer is outdated and shows me only a few webpages.And other browsers are also not working. So i decided to downloqd bluestacks and the only web page shown gives me only the version for windows 8and 10+i have windows7) . And i downloaded it. When i installed it the screen goes black and only i can see is my cursor on the black screen. I can move the cursor. And the laptop is also not responding to the combination of Alt+F4.

Please help me.

Its urgent.

And if you can then you can send an email to me on

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looks like you need to reinstall or restore your windows operating system. it could be a virus has infected your system when you were downloading files from the internet.

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I have found a solution on internet. I just Have to do hardware reset on my laptop. It worked.

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