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Wifi signal is one bar

So I took my laptop to Best buy to get my broken hinges fixed. I go back 2 weeks later pick it up take it home and now it barley connects to my home WiFi and wouldn't connect to my cousins WiFi. My phone and other devices work perfectly on both

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Hi @terrier75 ,

What is the model number of your laptop?

Perhaps you should go back to where it was repaired and tell them of the problem. They should have checked that everything was working OK before handing it back to you.

They should also have given some sort of guarantee on their work.

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The only answer I can come up with at this time is that either the wi-fi adapter within your HP device has been damaged, or the antennas have somehow become disconnected (or damaged) it is a common problem within mobile devices. I would recommend that someone look at your device. Remember the Wi-Fi Antennas for all Laptop devices run around the laptop screen in the area where the bezel is. It is also possible that if they had to open your laptop to and disconnect things from within they could have forgotten to reconnect everything.

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