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Android's 4.4 OS with a 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution.

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Samsung Tab S not charging and frequently turns off


I'm having trouble fixing my tab s 8.4

i've already searched many solutions/answer here and also in other forums but non of it can fix it.


disconnected back battery for some minutes turn it on again - nothing happen

uses diferent button combinations - nothing happen

lastly when i charged the device it sometimes turned on and display the battery sign and goes to 0% and just turned off.

the last charge i did is using my LG quickcharge charger and the charger gets really hot and also the port of the tablet.

any fix to this or is this a hardware issue?

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It's a hardware issue, now this can be caused by a number of things:

- Charging port physically damaged: Visually inspect the port with a flashlight and look for any corroded, bent, missing or bridged pins that are touching each other. This includes the plastic part under the pins being worn too.

- Clogged up charging port: If this is the case, the charging cable may not plug in fully meaning you need to clean the charging port with something like a toothpick carefully.

- Liquid damage / corrosion behind the charging port pins: To confirm this you need to open up the device and check the charging port daughter board for any white marks / corrosion. Sometimes you can fix this with 99% isopropyl alcohol brushing and/or resoldering else you need to replace the charger port.

- Loose battery connector due to bad solder joints causing a bad connection between the battery connector and the logic board. This can be fixed by resoldering the battery connector to the board. I recommend taking the device to reputable repair shop that does soldering to fix this for you.

- Lastly, but least likely is the battery being faulty: This can be the case but it happens rarely.

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Hi and Good day,

i have checked the charging ports inside and outside which seems okay with not bents or corroded part.

for loose battery connector. I'm not sure if its bad soldered.

below is the image link of the board.

i've read in some forums that it doesn't charge because the LCD display is frequently eating the small battery charge when it is powering up. i'm looking where is the ribbon connector of display where in i can disconnect and charge the battery by itself.

- de

Having the LCD display cable plugged in shouldn't be the issue. The display cable is at the top area of the logic board. Closest to the battery.

It's a rectangle connector that can be unplugged if I remember correctly.

- de

i see. one of the thin aluminum thing near the battery is warming up. the largest one.

if it's booting up until to the logo with circle loading in it to 0% battery logo until it shutdown immediately. does this mean it charges and the charges port is ok? or i'm failing to check on something?

thanks for your reply.

- de

Charging port is okay if you don't see any obvious signs of damage.

I would consider getting the battery connector resoldered, then replace the battery if that does not work.

Well either way is okay as both are fairly cheap depending where you get the service from.

Resoldering I'd estimate min $30, for battery replacement it's pretty much DIY the part is about $20ish

- de

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