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Una cámara de película de 35 mm de Agfa fabricada desde finales de los años 50 hasta los años 60.

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looking for a repair manual..

have just bought an old agfa optima I (1960) 35mm film camera, the view finder and ? light sensor are fogged with what looks like mould. I have found a repair manual for the agfa optima but the top panel is different on mine.. the shutter release is on the front of the camera not the top as in that version. I've googled for a few days and not found any other repair manual.. found the user guide which is not much good for what I need. Does anyone know of another source for a vintage camera manual for these?? the camera works but I'd love it to be doing a much better job and look as it should. Thanks a lot.

thanks to oldturkey for providing the manual..I haven't got round to fixing it yet but hopefully I will. I have a test roll in the camera to see how things are before I do the repair..may not have to?

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I have a few sights tucked away I will try to get to you. It might take me a minute. Your hardest problem I see in restoring this is the view finder "free space" was more than likely charged with nitrogen, most optics are. If there is something besides a clear view and the problem is internal then the seal has been compromised. The seal and nitrogen charge is something that will have to be dealt with when putting back together or it will fog up etc...

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didn't mention anything about this is in a manual or repair guide for the plain optima camera.. the site recommended that you could use their guide as a starting point but i tried their starting point and couldn't get the 3rd screw out

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pollytintop until ABCellars find it for you take a look at this site and see if it helps out and more specifically here

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I am having problems finding some of my links, some sites are no longer up. You may try going through the archives or posting your request here: I am still looking.

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thanks very much ot and ab.. have sent an email to a recommendation from AB, waiting to hear back! might try opening the camera again tonight. Will have to post a question about a solution to the gas AB mentioned..

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Wow you archive early :-) have some faith in your colleagues ;-) the "Directions for Repair ' Spare Parts" manual for your camera is available right here for you

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hurrah.. i can accept your answer, thanks oldturkey for all the work you've done. I really appreciate it!

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Than you for accepting my answer and 'you are welcome':-)

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Where I want to repair my

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