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La PSP E100 es una consola de juegos portátil diseñada por Sony. También conocida como PSP Street, esta versión económica de PlayStation Portable se lanzó en octubre de 2011.

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PSP E1004 White L&R Buttons

Where can I buy these buttons for white psp e1004? Thanks for the answers....

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I found the following parts that should be what you need. Prior to replacing any parts however, try cleaning the internal pads for these buttons. Sometimes there is enough debris to prevent proper contact. In any case, these buttons have 2 components:

1) the underlying PC board that has the traces to be shorted by

2) the key pad which contains a conductive pad that shorts the two traces.

Included below are the 2 PC board parts as well as the shell components which will contain the push button assemblies.


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Hello thank you for the links, but that’s not what I need what I need are only the L button and R button and I need it on version e1004 this is only 1000 and without e

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As far as I know, the button assemblies for the 1000 series are all the same. The differences between the 1000 models are language and firmware levels. Open up your unit and examine the parts that you need. I suspect that they will look just like the ones I posted.

If not, post pictures of your model internal boards.


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