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The Samsung NX2000 is a digital smart camera with a detachable external flash that was released in late 2013.

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no image on screen shutter button does nothing

I dropped my camera and when I turn it on everything works except you can't see image on screen and shutter button does nothing.

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Can you see the camera’s menu screens on the LCD screen?

If you can then this proves that the screen itself is OK.

Not getting images onto the camera’s LCD screen if the menu screens work OK points to a possible motherboard problem or an image sensor problem

To try and isolate the problem further you could perhaps try using your phone or tablet (Samsung or Apple) as a remote shutter release (User manual scroll to p.131) to at least check if the camera can still take pictures etc that you can download and view on a computer proving that the image sensor / motherboard are still OK etc.

If you cannot connect to the camera via WiFi either, this points to a motherboard problem.

You may have to open the camera to see if there is any obvious damage caused by the fall.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung NX2000 Repair guides, which may be of some help.

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opened it up and now at least it notices the lens. I can even put it in the process of trying to link via wifi. It still doesn't connect with phone and still can't see anything on lcd or take pictures. Also when I turn it off it stays on. Thank you in advance.

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Depending on where it "hit" when it landed after the fall, you may have to inspect the boards and connections very closely, even with a magnifying glass to see if there are any cracks in the boards or loose connectors etc.

Unfortunately it is not a quick process.

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Ok, so I opened it up. It now recognizes that there is a lens. Still no image. I can hit record I hear the lens moving back and fourth but no image. I stop recording but it goes into an eternal processing. When I shut it off it stays on.

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