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Can I operate MBP with case disassembled?

Hello everyone. My Superdrive will not eject DVD. I have preformed every published remedy, including "drutil eject +sudo...". I have begun to disassemble the case and I have two questions:

1) Can I operate the MBP while the machine is disassembled in order to test the superdrive

2) Is there a method for keeping the keyboard out of the way while removing the superdrive, without removing the ribbon? ( see step 9 in Guide)

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Is there a disk in the drive?

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Yes, at least one. Hard stuck.

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First thing to do is get the drive out open it up and take the disk out.

There not a lot of “testing” to be done here. This is a very common failure on a machine this old and replacement drives are cheap. When I say cheap I’m not talking about iFixit prices on this (which are not cheap).

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You can keep the casing open. I recommend to use something to prop the keyboard open so you can work and use the keyboard if needed

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Thank you for responding chickendude. Just to be clear, with case propped open I can power-up the MBP in order to test the superdrive?

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Yes, as long as all of the components are attached the computer will continue to function. The casing does not affect the operation of the device.

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What Michael said

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