Tab won't start but is recognized by my computer without any files


I've had this tablet less then a year and now I can't start it/wake it up.

I closed it (locked the screen) after a few hours I tries to wake it again and nothing happened. The battery was at 80% last I checked so I thought it odd that the battery would be dead already. Tried to load it nothing happened checked the chord (other devices loaded on it), tried to force a shutdown with power button, volym up, down, home button in all combinations and times. Nothing, still black as the night. So I connected it to the computer and there it shows up as Samsung Tab A (2016), but it has no files at all. I tried to display the hidden files but still no files :(

Is it something I can fix or do I have to use my warrenty and find my receit and return it to the store?

Thank you in advance :)

Regards / Pernilla

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