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iPhone 6 came in with No Service/Line Searching issue

Hye i got an IP6 came in to me with No Service/Line Searching issue.. It showing the IMEI Number and Modem Firmware on settings, but when dialing *#06# not showing any IMEI. I try one of these solution and the issue is SOLVED, but after I restart/Switch Off the issue is COMING BACK..

The solution that i tried is..

1. Change Charging Port

2. Change Battery

3. Restore via iTunes

This 3 step is not solving the issue, after a few minutes the problem still same :(

I see a bunch of videos on Youtube and they said need to reball the Baseband CPU and make a jumper on U1 & V1. But my question is, how do I know if the BB_CPU is the main problem? Which line do I need to checked first ?

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The Searching issue on the iPhone 6 is almost always the U1/V1 issue with BB. You have to create jumpers to solidify the traces. Short jumpers tend to have higher return rates, long jumpers are usually a permanent repair. I like to do a short jumper on V1 and a long jumper on U1 as that eliminates the need to remove the SIM card reader.

There are a lot of differing opinions on whether a BB jumper repair is a true long-term fix. Some shops have seen great success with long jumpers on both, others not so much. Don't over-promise and be prepared to possibly see the phone again in the future.

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What if the U1/V1 is not the issue ? which line I need to go next ?


U1/V1 is almost certainly the issue. If not, then troubleshooting RF issues is very difficult. You would also want to probe BB_PMU to insure all the voltage rails are present.


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