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when speak the other peoples can't hear me. htc 626g dual sim

Hi all.

I have htc 626g dual sim.

My charging connector damaged.

I was replace the board (charging connector flex.

Board include and microphone.)

The charging issue solved but when speak the other peoples can't hear me.

Video sound,Speaker,recorder (my voice) hands-free working perfect.

I tested my phone using the old board and the microphone was working perfect and the other people hear me good.

I replace 3 new boards but the issue with microphone is still

I can't find what is wrong.

Any help appreciated

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that is a head scratcher. Can you tell us, can you be heard if you use a headset ? either or both , wired or bluetooth? if the problem remains on all microphones, it is likely in the software settings , if it works through headset but not the handset something is up with the hardware.

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Thanks for the answer.

My megaphone when speak works good.

Hand-free when speak works good.

Sound when recording my voice works good.

Tube or video sound works ok.

The only issue is when speak with microphone,the other people cant hear me


Sorry, what I asked was, can you talk to people normally on the phone if you use a headset.


Yes headset (hands-free) use its ok


if you have put three new boards in this phone and all three had microphones on them , they could not have all been the same bad. I think the problem is with the microphone opening itself. it sounds like, either is jammed full of lint, or when you reassemble the phone,, something gets jammed in there.


My board has one code F

Three boards has code G

I think if boards are different versions...

I don't know


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