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Gaskets and screen waterproofing for iPhone 7 plus

Hey Guys I’m going to do a screen replacement for iPhone 7+, I got the waterproof display adhesive for the screen but do I have to replace the home button and other part gaskets as well to keep it water resistantance ? Or is it just the outer screen adhesive that needs replacing.

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To get it water resistant again it's hard to do so because it would require testing the gasket seals which can only be done with machines that test the water resistance properly.

And the problem with replacement screens is that we can't really tell if they are up to spec with water resistance.

The finish with the screen could have air gaps for the speaker grill or how the glass is glued to the plastic / metal screen frame.

TL-DR: Once a phone is opened assume all water resistance to be no more, as a DIYer it is not viable to test water resistance without subjecting the phone to liquids.

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If you replace any external parts, like the screen and rear case, say goodbye to waterproofing.

The adhesive gaskets assumes your screen glass-to-frame bonding, earpiece speaker and home button is properly sealed, which is only true for original factory screens. Therefore the gasket tutorial is only good for internal repairs like the camera, battery .etc.

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