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Bottom Housing replacement, Where to find affordable ones? CUH-11XXA

Last year i completely stopped playing ps4 since PC happened and it also sounds like a jet etc. yes i have replaced thermal paste, heat pads and cleaned it completely by taking every part out and it still sounds, so imo its not worth having it if i can get $200+ for it and controller etc. problem is that stupid me made a mod on the bottom housing which helped a little bit. (basically i cut a square where the fan is and put a dust filer) its not the nicest looking thing. think a kitchen knife and a glued on dust filter from my old pc case. Here it is in all its glory so you get the idea. i basically need a new bottom housing for it and i cant find any without selling my kidney and paying $20 for shipping, basically close to $90. where can i find quality ones that dont cost me more than a used ps4, i dont care if its new or used. it just needs to not have a square with a $@$*!& dust filter. Sorry if im all over the place, im just trying to explain as much as i can.

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For such used parts you can shop on ebay, just gave a look and found a couple around for less than 20$ plus shipment.

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can you send me the direct link to the search? for some reason i cant find any black ones

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Hope is the one you're looking for.

There are others but they are in UK, bottom only.

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thank you, even if its not the same model will it still fit?

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No idea @fround, never had a PS4 nor I do work on them, sorry. I'd suggest you contact the seller/s and ask them, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find some help from them.

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