Capacitor knocked off from logic board

Hello guys,

I was doing a battery replacement on my mid-2012 retina MacBook Pro and I was a tad confuddled by how the battery connector removed.

On my third attempt, I managed to knock a fuse (from what I've Googled) off the logic board that was near the connector.

I tried Googling and using schematics to find out what that fuse does and the current / resistance measurement so I can replace the fuse.

I've included a link to which fuse I need knowledge on

Block Image

Fuse near battery connector

I'd appreciate any help given.

Edit I: It's a capacitor, not a fuse. My Googling sucks (changed title).

Edit II: Additional photos attached of actual motherboard. The capacitor has a light brown strip on it.

Block Image

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What's the logic board number ? It should be marked on the board..reading something like 820-xxxxx


I have to double check, but it's manufacture part #: 820-3332-A. This is a 1st generation base 15" rMBP with no upgraded options.


I've double checked and that's the correct logic board number.


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That's a not a fuse, it's a capacitor, C6960

a 1UF cap




in a 603-1 package

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Whoops, sorry about that. I was trying to Googling what it was. Thank you for the information. Would you know what that capacitor does, by any chance?


@kevkev it is part of PPVBAT_G3H_CONN circuitry which is your PBus supply & battery charger circuitry.


@kevkev I'm not an engineer, don't know what's exactly its purpose but being so small I'd presume is there for smoothing purposes.


Awesome. Thanks for the information and your time.


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