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Skullcandy Crushers are packed with 2 drivers, the Sensation 55™, and the REX40™, delivering excellent sound quality and bass you can feel. The product was released on March 20, 2013 and goes by the model number S6SCFZ-072.

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Left side won't play any audio

So I've put the batterty in and all that fun stuff, I've even replaced the battery a couple of time and none of them seem to work so I was wondering how I could fix the audio only coming out of the right side

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that's a pretty easy thing to diagnose. id say 9/10 times its a disconnect in the audio wire.

The labor, on the other hand, is usually extensive.

-Youll need to open the device, and disassemble the device nearly all the way.

-Start by verifying no cold joints on the soldering points of the speakers, and connecting wires. apply fresh solder to all joints, and test.

-Check the continuity on the wire going through the band. if thats not connecting properly, replace that wire.

-Verify speaker function. Put a low voltage, mid-frequency signal into the speaker to verify sound output. if it doesn't buzz, you will likely have to replace the speaker.

usually, it is one of the above that cause the issue, however, it is possible to have a board level failure.

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Sadly I don't have access to soldering kits at this time,do you happen to know of a store I can take it to get it fixed?

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that would be dependent on each city. you will need to take it to a repair shop. these shops are usually privately owned, so each town will have their own stores.

a quick local search for electronics repair may help.

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Many thanks Scott

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