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Lanzada junto con el AirPort Extreme base extention, esta variante de disco duro equipado ofrece 802.11ac de velocidad en una cápsula del tiempo NAS (almacenamiento conectado a la red).

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Hard Disk Replacement - with 2.5" drive

Hi Guys

Quick question here to see if anyone else has considered (or already completed) an upgrade on their 4th gen. Airport Time Capsule using a 2.5" drive?

I'm keen not to have trim the rubber to upgrade my 2tb drive, and have found that I can now purchase a 2.5" 5TB hard disk cheaper than I can a 3.5" drive. I'd fit it using a 2.5>3.5" ORICO adapter which should fit snugly.

My theory is that this will be good for cooling, and that the speed of the connection means that the 5400rpm drive will be ample, but I'd be really interested in everyones thoughts, warnings or opinions, as the decision seems too obviously easy at the moment, there's always a draw-back lurking somewhere!



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Hi Mike,

From past experience with 2.5’ drives, they tend to be a little less reliable. 3.5’ also then to offer a slightly better performance. Also consider this is going to be an always on drive so best to look at the slightly more expensive option of 3.5’ NAS based drives. Fitting wise, unless you’re moving the thing about a lot or intend to put it in a busy, vibration prone environment, I’d probably say a small amount of double sided tape would work just fine too. Neither option of drive is the most idea as mechanical drives are the most reliable but they do offer the size. Hope this helps!

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