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iPhone 6s Plus dropped, cracked screen, now it won't boot or vibrate.

My cousin dropped her iphone 6s plus and it finally decided to end its own misery. The screen is heavily cracked, shards of glass fall out just from touching the screen, and it's just black. There is no vibrate from holding the power button. When connected to itunes, the device is recognized to be in recovery mode and when the power button is help there the phone disconnects then reconnects. I have tried holding the power and home button or power and volume down as well as power and volume up to no avail.

I have just replaced the lcd screen and tried booting it, but I still get the black screen of death. No backlight. No logo. No vibrate. Nothing. Although while I replaced the screen, I forgot to disconnect the battery, however, I disconnected the battery afterwards and drained the power before reconnecting the battery.

What could the problem be? Could it be battery? Or is it something else?

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Well there’s a couple things here to unravel. If you replaced the screen and tested it without connecting the battery the only way you will get anything on the screen without the battery connected will be if you have it connected to a charging cable why you try to turn it on.

If you have properly installed the screen and it isn’t working then due to the original physical damage. You might have broken or ripped the front proxy cable which would not allow your screen to boot.

If you can test the device with the battery connected then you should do so. At this point you can use a flashlight to see if the lcd is illuminating light to tell whether your screen is receiving power.

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Thank you so very much for the fast reply. I just re-replaced the screen, changed the digitizer, and reconnected the screen without the battery connected and tried connecting to a charging cable and turning it on. I was immediately hit with an apple logo loop. I disconnected the charging cable and reconnected the battery then reconnected the charging cable and now the phone boots. Only problem left is the vibration which doesn't seem to be working. And the phone keeps trying to do data recovery and failing. Any insight on that?


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