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How to do an in ear headset driver transplant?

So i bought myself a new hoodie from china, with integrated in ear earphones. The hoodie costs about 26£, so i can safely assume the earphones will not be any good.

I have over the past few years i've aquired myself a few pairs of the AKG in ear headsets that ship with Samsungs flagship devices (s8 and onward), and was wandering if anybody knew of a way to transplant the drivers (i mean the part that actually goes in your ear and plays music) from the AKG headset over to the hoodie.

I can solder and work with small wires, just want to know if there's a way.

Asume the fabric of the hoodie can't be damaged in the process, i don't want to ruin it.



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It looks like the wires are simply threaded through the seams, from what I can see. I'd suggest you pull as much of the lead of each earpiece out of the hoodie as you can, cut it off and solder the replacement driver to the cut-off wire, insulate it with tape and feed it back into the hoodie.

Alternatively, get a bodkin (eBay or sewing supplies shop) and use it to feed a thread through the hems in order to pull the new headphone wires through. Maybe there's a place where the y-junction lives which was sewn after the wires were threaded through, in which case perhaps you can unpick it in order to fit the new ones, then sew it back on. Or you might have to open up a gap in the hem in order to get the driver or the connector through, then sew it back up.

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I was wondering how to do the soldering, since the wire from the headset i already own is one long copper wire with a spiraling black stripe seemingly painted on, with a thread in the core of the wire. Would i just lay the two wires next to eachother and solder between them?

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If you remove the external insulating sheath you'll find the wires inside consist of many very fine strands of 2 different colours - or 3 between the stereo plug and the Y-junction. Each strand is insulated with a layer of coloured enamel which should melt in the molten solder, though it takes patience. Very gently scraping the end of a bundle of strands with a knife before soldering can help, though it's extremely easy then to break some of the strands. (A few doesn't matter.) Some people suggest passing the end of the bundle through a flame to burn off the enamel.

You also need to arrange some kind of strain relief to prevent strain on the solder joints if the wires are pulled, such as an extra piece of wire bundled with the join, and the whole join can be covered with PVC tape, or much better, mouldable glue such as Sugru (

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