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Guías de reparación y soporte para PC de escritorio fabricadas por Lenovo.

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How can I restore my Lenovo PC?

I’m getting a lot of virus pop ups and I haven’t used my computer in about 3-4 years. How can I restore my computer to its manufacturing brand ?

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Hi morena4life2006

What model is your lenovo PC?

You can consider trying this method.

On the PC and tap F11

Hopefully there is a recovery partition which you can use it for factory restore, else check if they provide recovery disk.

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My pc is a touch screen... windows 8.... but not sure what model.

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I got onto my pc and pushed F11 and nothing happened

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I login to pc and screen is just one color with no icons or apps or anything...

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Can somebody help me try to fix my pc issue?

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Boot from a usb drive with the version of windows that you would like to install on the computer. You’ll have to allow the your computer to boot from usb through getting to your bios setting, which can be done pressing a certain when you restart the computer.

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I tried this for many times but that was not so useful.

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Hi @asusenag1234

If you are able to boot windows,

Try using reset your PC

Some helpful links:

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