Is it a problem with my headphone jack? Can you tell me what's wrong?

Hello, I know that it's 2018 and probably nobody uses PSP nowadays, but I had found my old PSP recently and I'm having issues with (probably, I don't know to be honest) headphone jack. Speakers are working perfectly but when I plug headphones in and pick a song, music sounds weird, vocals are quieter and you can hear choirs louder. I wanted to take my PSP on my trip and watch tv shows but I can't watch them on headphones because of this issue. I'm sure that my headphones are working and this issue doesn't pertain to them. Can anyone, please, help me? I really don't know what to do :(

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Hi Ruthless Archer

when you connect your earpiece to the headphone jack, try moving around like bending at an angle, etc...

monitor the sound if it is restored or better if it is being held on or etc.

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Nothing changed.

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