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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, and a better design.

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3DS Xl turns off when opened fully

Hello my dear iFixit friends.

I got a 3DS XL that when opened all the way turns off. I Tried to secure the top screen with electric tape to that the ribbon won't wiggle but it didn't Work. I would order a replacement top screen but I am afraid it maybe the connector is what's faulty.

Block Image

So If I put that rubber ring there It works fine. No reason still I will continue to investigate.

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My friend is sending me 2 faulty 3ds’s he has, and if i can repair them, i get to keep them. The 3ds xl one has the issue you’re describing and from what i can tell, it’s a issue with the ribbon cable see this video for details.

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Thank you for the response! I gave the 3ds back and told them to get a 2ds, people only want quick and cheap solutions. Still I hope you fix it!


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