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The Acer Aspire One D150 is an affordable 10.5" laptop with an Intel Atom CPU. The Acer Aspire line is aimed at casual household users and covers both desktop and laptop PCs.

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My Acer is NOT working

My ACER will not even open to the windows desktop it's stuck on PC Performance & Stability analysis report on WINDOWS TOOL and in each corner it says Safe Mode. Its getting frustrating because I cant do anything with it. HELP!!

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I dont think my ACER is a D150 1920. Its just a KAV10 Part Num: MU.55700.020

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Which version of Windows do you have on your computer?

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I'm not sure which version of Windows came with this. The sticker is faded.

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Tony Rush do you have a problem that we can help with ?

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Andrea you are in windows save mode. When you restart your computer do you get the option to start windows normally? When it first starts up in safe mode, can you got to the device manager and check on the systems icon you should see all your installed hardware. If any of them have an exclamation mark or a yellow sign check on those and best bet would be to uninstall those. I suspect you are having an issue with some hardware that windows can either not find or does not have the right driver for. Sometimes it is necessary to either reinstall Windows or repair Windows.

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