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In-ear headphones. Released August 2013

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QC20 battery won't charge after replacement

Because the original battery was drained minutes to hours after charging, I chose to replace it with the following battery, which I found after some research: Product on Amazon

After soldering on the new wires everything seemed fine. The battery successfully powered the headphones and I can now listen to music again. But the battery won't charge: it blinks red. The Bose Help guide says there is an error, but I can't figure out what's causing it.

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perhaps try the charger mentioned in this review for another battery that will for for the QC20.

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Thank you for finding that review, it was very helpful!

Quoting the review:

"I purchased this battery after my BOSE QC 20i indicated unchargeable battery (flashing red battery light) and the BOSE folks said they wouldn't fix it and would only give me a small credit toward the purchase of a replacement or upgrade QC product. After checking the web I learned how to open the QC 20i and what the inside looked like. After some delicate stripping of wires and soldering, the QC 20i worked fine again with this battery; but, it was also clear that the QC 20i charging of the battery still was inoperative (all lights green till the battery ran down and then flashing red again). That was taken care by spending about $20 for a small external charger, designed for this type of battery ( LiPo USB Charger). So, now, having spent a little over $30, my QC 20i has a new life, can be charged, and is good-to-go. Learning that Lithium Polymer batteries have a finite life of not too many years, irrespective of the number of use cycles, people should be cautious about purchasing expensive products where the battery can't be replaced, ether by the owner or the manufacturer. "


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