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both headlights out, brights work fine.

2009 Tribeca limited - both headlights are dim. I have been told it is rare for both to go out at same time but after reading about the headlight issues I am not sure, parts store wants to sell me the lever but if it is the bulbs I don't want to waste money on lever and installation.

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Kelly Brunner  it would be unusual but at this point it is best to go ahead and change the bulbs. Start of by just changing one side. If it comes on you know it is the bulbs, if it does you may have issues with the switch you can check that on the headlight relays to see if you get power to is when the switch is turned on. There are two relays and two fuses for your headlights.

Relays are #19 and #21 on the fuse panel in the passenger compartment

Block Image

and the headlights are #3 and #4 in the fuse panel located in the engine compartment

Block Image

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