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Video and audio goes blank for 3 to 5 seconds

I am using Airtel set top box for dth connection. I have connected this to Samsung smart led TV via HDMI cable in the corresponding HDMI port. But once in a while the video and audio goes blank.

I confirmed that the set top box signal is good during this time. The tv and set top box are not powering down and coming up.

What could be the reason?

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I have this kind of problem too... After just 5-10 mins of turning on.. the video and audio goes blank... And in my case it's more like blinking. The TV screen continues to blink. I'm using Airtel SD set top box and connected it on Phillips 21RF Vardaan model.

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Try to provide an HDMI signal to the TV from another source to determine whether or not the problem is with the HDMI signal being sent. If the TV works for longer than the reported period using the new source, than the problem is with the cable box. If the TV fails the same way, than I would suspect that there is a heat related problem with the HDMI controller inside of the TV. This can be verified by connecting the cable box using another type of connection (Video/audio composite signal for example). If the connection this way continues to work OK, then the HDMI controller inside the set has a problem. If the TV continues to have the same problem, then the AV processing inside the set (main board) has a problem and should be replaced.


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