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How can I fix a cracked LG OLED TV

I just cracked the screen on my LG 55EC930V OLED TV. The love of my life!

What am I to do, I have no chance to pay 2-3000 to replace it. Changing the screen is easy but getting hold of one costs more than the TV. Does anyone have ANY idea if there is a marked were it might be possible to find a used or imperfect screen.

I see no reason to live anymore! Please any idea, anyone please!

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Hi, depending on where you look there are replacement B-grade panels that are sometimes used in airports etc because no-one notices the bad pixels at 30+ feet away. You would have to pay a lot of shipping but the good news is that the module on the back just plugs in.

Another option might be to get an ex-display unit which is often a lot cheaper than new.

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Also relevant: I did actually look into recycling the intact backplane areas, trouble is that invariably it does not break cleanly. Laser cutter possibly, for DIY experiments (have a busted Note 4 display) a single colour may be possible using the kits sold online. Changing out the entire panel is possible and as I invented a fix for burn-in this might be a viable alternative to a new screen.


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