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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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Double Sided Printing Issues : Brother MFCL5900DW

When printing double sided on pre printed paper it will print 1 page double sided perfectly. When printing 2 or more double sided pages the printer flips the pre printed page and prints the first page on the blank side.

This is happening on all 4 of the computers that the printer is installed on. This was not an issue with our old brother printers.

I have tried:

1. reinstalling both drivers and printer.

2. updating drivers

3. switching trays (we use 2)

4. using different settings on the computer and the program we use

5. suggesting we get rid of the pre printed paper (boss is old fashioned and thinks customers care what their invoice looks like)

6. Yes I have followed the instructions in the manual to the letter

I am pretty sure this is a printer issue that came from factory. But I figured if anyone has an answer it would be someone here!!

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Hi @kiamsaco

Give it a try to update the printer firmware first.

See if it helps.


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Unfortunately this did not work. Thanks for trying!


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