Replace Tilt-Screen flex-ribbon (cord)

Have a Sony DSC-RX100 II (not a I). The FLEX CORD, or RIBBON broke where the flip-screen pivots at the bottom rear of the camera. There are 2 possibilities depending on serial number, according to Gene @ Union Electronics.

One possibility is the LC-1009, but I would have to have the service manual to verify one or the other. Not sure about the other part number, but he said he had both in stock.

Does someone have a service manual for the type II version? If so, I'd greatly appreciate the part which shoes how to remove the rear screen/camera back and replace the flex-cord.

My other request is to find the right part number for my camera/serial number. The serial number is: 1005829 and the exact model number is: DSC-RX100M2.

Thank you for any help you may provide!


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