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iPhone won’t start with new screen but works with the old broke one

My friend came in and had me to change his ip 7 screen which wos totally broken . So I changed the screen and everything went great but when I tried to start it the phone didnot startup it started as long until the Apple logo showed up. So I checked all connectors and everything and still the same issue. Then I thought lucky me I have one more spare screen so I decided to try that one and same issue once again. Well I now tried the old broken screen and suddenly the phone booted up.

The phones home button doesn’t work neither did the proximity sensor but howecome it started up with the old broken screen and not with the 2 new ones?

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I do agree with Jacob's answer, you can try to figure it out if you have free time.

said the two new lcds are defectived is impossible.

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Is your friend running the latest version of iOS? I believe a while back Apple released an update so that third-party displays would not work with an iPhone. However, newer iOS updates allow one to use a third-party display. If the phone is not running iOS 11.4, try to update it and see what happens.

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sounds like a defective screen.

as long as you disconnected the battery before the repair you should be good.

try a new screen as home button connects to lcd and could also be defective/not working:)

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Sry both screens worked


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