Do I have to replace entire Display Assembly?

My screen seems to have a very minor crack (or atleast I think it is minor). It has had this crack for 2 years or more and has worked just fine. When I open and close it, it is pretty loud and makes and cracking kind of noise (almost like stepping on an old floor or step). The camera is very blurry, but I am really not worried about that. I really just wanted the cracked glass gone and the loud opening/closing noise to go away. Do I need to replace the whole Display Assembly, which will cost me atleast a few hundred dollars? Or, could I just replace the Front Display Glass which would be less than $50?

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Such screen assemblies should not be so expensive anymore and the sound you hear probably comes from the hinges and it wouldn't get fixed by replacing the glass only. Replacing glass only would take quite some time but is feasable with some patience and work time..if you have both, why not ? You'll have to remove the screen, use hot air and some plastic picks to remove glass without damaging the lcd panel, clean glue residues, apply biadhesive tape, keep everything very clean to avoid dust on screen when you close your new glass in place and then need to reapply some mild heat and pressure clamps to firm the glass in place.

After that you should examine the hinges to find out where the sound comes from and why and possibly have to replace them with new ones. Does the screen assembly option still sounds so expensive ? =;)

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Also look at the position of the clutch cover. If it is not install properly it will give a cracking type of sound when opening or closing.


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