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iPhone 7 cannot turn on WIFI and Bluetooth

So i bought a iPhone 7 but the WIFI nor the Bluetooth can be turned on.

i Tried updatint to the latest iOS, restoring the whole phone, reset network settings. Everything. So i am 99.99% Sure it ain't a software issue.

Anyone has a idea how i should start searching hardware issues? I heard the wifi antenna cannot be changed, cuz the ic on it is paired with the cpu. is this true?

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you are right the wifi module cant be replaced. but i have fixed a few of these, in my experience i found that there are 4 or so traces under the wifi module that become loose and disconnect. jumpers need to be ran under the wifi module to reconnect the lines.

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Very nice, just the answer i was looking for!

So i got one more question what do you mean by wifi module?

Top left corner wifi cover, top right corner eletrical components near camera or bottom right corner antenna?



the wifi "chip" isnt an ic its a module. it has many other components inside of it like caps and ics that make up the package. and it is on the underside of the board near the top.


That's the grey-silver one? Okay i think i know what u mean now i also looked some youtube videos on that now

Can anything bad happen if lets say i try to reball/reflow the wifi module and i fail. Chip goes dead or something like that. Will the phone still work?


yes its grey/silver. i wouldnt suggest trying to reflow it because usually they are underfilled, and when u melt the solder on an underfilled chip it will cause the solder balls to ooze out from under the component. also in my experience the problem isnt with cracked solder balls, its usually pads that become disconnected. reheating will not fix the issue. it needs jumper wires ran under it to reconnect the lines.


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