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My Sony Rx100 lens cannot open fully n then won’t close with the error message power off and on. We remove base of the camera n without the cover, it would work again. The moment we put bk the cover to the base of the camera, the problem comes back with the error message. We cleaned the lens, clean the battery terminals but nothing work except not putting the cover back.

It seems the moment the red n black cable are being compressed, the problem arises.

Please help!

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I know there is a lot of forum on this topic and how it has been solved over the lens issue and the power on and off. Several has mentioned that the problem is solved as long as you do not put back the battery flap cover or tighten too many screws. So that is what we are doing at the moment.

I am afraid that it might only be temporary.

I cannot send for repair as it was bought in Japan and Sony Singapore does not accept the set in Japanese language. Please help!

Does anyone has a more permanent solution?


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