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La Nikon Coolpix S3500 es una cámara digital compacta producida como parte de la línea Coolpix de Nikon. La serie Coolpix incluye cámaras superzoom, bridge, travel-zoom, compactas en miniatura y resistentes al agua/resistentes.

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How can I replace the orange tab that keeps the battery in the Camera?

Yesterday, I was changing the battery on my Nikon Coolpix S3500 Camera because the battery ran out & I wanted to keep using it. I gently pushed my thumb on the small orange tab next to the battery & SD Card compartment, & suddenly, the orange tab breaks off. It's a major pain that this happened to me! Now I have to use folded papers & scotch tape to keep the battery in the Camera & it works just fine. The major problem that I'm having right now is that I've been trying to recharge the battery while holding it with the papers & the tape, but after about anywhere from a few minutes to about an hour later, the battery stops charging & won't continue to recharge! I'm worried that if I keep doing that, it's going to shorten the battery life! What should I do at this point? I already got in touch with Nikon & they recommended that I send my Camera in for repairs & that it'll take up to 3-4 weeks until it's fixed & ready for me to use again. That's not an option for me! I'm going to a few places that I'll need to use my Nikon Camera for & I can't send it away & also risk it getting lost on its way for repairs & possibly never see it again! I don't want to take that chance, not if I can help it. What should I do at this point? As I see it, the only things that I can do would be to try to find a inexpensive Camera that the same as mine & use the orange battery tab to replace the 1 on mine that broke off, or go on Social Media & ask if someone has an old Nikon Camera like mine that I can use the battery tab to replace the 1 in my Camera. What do you think that I should do?

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Hi @jaydog1party ,

Here’s one that you may wish to consider

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Thanks for replying to my question so fast. I'm sorry to say that the date that the Camera would get to my place, it'll be after the day that I'm going to the place where I would've wanted to use it at. I'm still grateful to you for your offer to help me out. I'll have to keep looking to see if I could get a Camera before I go to the place where I want to use it at.

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