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How to fix a bent pad and a ripped one?


I was trying to fix an iPhone 6 with a broken LCD fpc connector.

When I removed it I noticed that there are a bent pad a ripped one(not completely, a tiny part is remaining).

How can I fix it?


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A picture might help evaluation but in general there's not much to do besides hoping it's an unconnected or ground pin or just rebuild it with solder and a very thin wire. Some good quality solder wick has plenty of suitable thin copper wires for the job :)

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If you want to do micro-BGA pad work on an iphone, then 0.02mm (50AWG) jumper wire is the way to go. For more general work, like long jumpers, then 42AWG enamelled wire is good.


Thank you for the trick with the solder wick I didn't know it :)

What tipe of tip(dimension and tipe) is required for this job?


I'm sure somebody might object about the solder wick wire but it does the job nicely as far as I could experience. If I have room enough as in this case I use a 0.4mm round shaped tip but it's just a personal preference..anything you're comfortable with and helps you do the job nicely will do. Happy soldering :)


Ok,thank you


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