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Troubles with screen installation, black smudge top right.

Hi all

I’m am really hoping someone can help me as I am replacing the screen on my friends phone and she needs it back as soon as possible.

So I firstly checked touch and the screen was working before putting the camera and home button on. Everything was working fine. After transferring everything over I checked the phone. Only problem was that it didn’t seem to have touch, although after going back to the lock screen the touch would begin working again. I never had another issue with the touch unless I shut the phone down fully it would repeat what it did to start with.

I was just about to clean the screen ready to give back that I remembered I should check the camera was lined up properly. Well no it wasn’t it was blurry, so out come the screws again, I cleaned the camera with a microfibre clothe. Put screen back on and now I had a black smudge in the top right corner, so off comes screen again to try alining the camera unit again. Test it again and a fully black screen, I could just see the screen flicking. Back off the screen again looking carefully at the sensors, turn phone back on and it was black again.

I’m running out of options/ideas, I have a spare iPhone 6 Plus, so I grabbed the camera and all sensors off the 6 Plus and transferred it to the 6s Plus. Back to the black smudge in the top right corner. Checked camera again and fully black this time. Touch is still a little dodgy.

I’m a bit stuck and thinking of taking to a phone place. Would it be possible I have damaged one of the sensors or it isn’t aligned properly? Or is it possibly the lcd is broken even though I checked it?

Any feedback as soon as possible will be appreciated greatly.

Will send some photos soon shortly.

Best Regards


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It’s a good idea but I have ruled it down to damage to the backlight. The reason I don’t believe it is the cleaning liquid it because I reinstalled the old smashed screen and it had the shadow in the same area. The shadow was minimal and the phone was able to be used. Luckily the owners were happy just to have is as they were getting a new phone in the near future.

Cheers Blake


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Did you use isopropyl alcohol or some similar spray to clean the front camera hole on the screen? It could be that some of it seeped into the screen.

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