My controller's right analog stick inputs on its own

My brother tried fixing the right analog stick months ago (the right analog stick inputs buttons 1,2,3,4 back then), he did something in the regedit and x360ce but when I told him that the ANALOG button should be pressed, the right analog stick does not input buttons anymore, but the problem is now it moves on it's own even while playing some games. I'm thinking maybe he did something in the regedit or x360ce, changed some values maybe I dunno, that caused the problem. When I asked him again if he can maybe reverse what he did he said he can't remember the changes he made (stupid brother)

this is an image of x360ce without the right analog being moved

Block Image

Im using windows 7 and my controller is just a generic usb controller

Any idea or answer would be a great help

EDIT: this controller worked fine before, its just that my brother didnt ask me before he tried fixing it himself

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Nvm, I found the way to fix it, I just clicked reset to default in joy.cpl

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Thank you anon you saved my life


Whts joy.cpl ? Plz reply i have the same prob


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