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Portátil personal de 14.1" equipado con Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo, Windows Vista, cámara web interna de 1.3 MP y una unidad de CD/DVD.

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Why wont my computer acknowledge that there is a power supply hooked u

I plugged my charger in it popped and wont do anything.

What could this be? Is there an internal fuze that may have blown?

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2 Respuestas

If your power supply "popped" then it can be anything inside of it ;) but usually there is no fuse in them

I would blame capacitor that during time losses its dielectric.

Mind also to chech if there is no visible damage to the circuit - especially where the power cables are soldered.

Be aware, because opening laptop chargers could be tricky ;) chech what's YouTube showing about your model

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its probably the input on the device or low voltage

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