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Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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At certain volume the speaker practically stops playing.

The speaker has been working fine for almost 2 years, then after an incident where i used a mosquito repelent sound through the speaker at a loud volume, the speaker just shut off. After bringing it home it was working fine, but then i noticed that at a certain volume ( As you go up) the speaker would just cut out the sound, it would seem it still tried to play the music, but instead you would hear an occasional distorted hiccup or smth every few seconds. Not sure if me playing the mosquito sound had any relevance, but just trying to give more info in case it is relevant. Tried taking it apart to see if the wires had any damage, tried updating software, looked everywhere for a solution with no results. Tried resetting to factory settings, decreasing the bass seemed to allow to play music at a higher volume, but still nearing max volume it starts acting up as before. The battery is a bad shape, i hoped to replace it, but now im not sure if its worth it, removed the battery to see if anything changes, but its still the same even if its on a cord.

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A little of an edit on the situation, so it seems the sound skipping increases alongside volume, near maximum it pretty much stops playing, if you lower it just bit, the skips become less and less frequant until you reach a volume where it plays the music normally.

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Still waiting for anyone with any ideas

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I have the same problem! JBL GO

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Identical problem! Can anyone help!?

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i have the same problem with a different speaker. Same story, 2 year old, one day began to distortion the sound at high volumes. It is a Logitech UE Boombox. I also took it apart hoping to change the battery and see for faulty caps or something but everything seems fine. Any suggestions?

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Update on the situation, so my problem got resolved, not really sure how, but the speaker has stopped cutting out. After i took it apart, removed the battery and tried to play it through the cord to see if anything changes ( It did not) i left the battery out for a while, then one day i put it back in and its working again without cutting out the sound even at maximum volume. Not sure what was up with it or if me removing the battery then putting it back in fixed it, but hey its working and i will take it.

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why my jbl speaker is off when volume is increase

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Mine did the same.. took it apart and cleaned the eletronics with Isopropyl alcohol applied to a tooth brush and rubbed lightly. I didn't soak the board

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I HAD the same problem, but i found a solution that worked… at least for me… i found out that my left tweeter was blown and when the volume hits 80% or higher the sound just dissapeared until the volume was under 80% back again.

So you can do 2 things. Cheap solution or best solution. I chose the Cheap Solution.

Solution 1:

find out which tweeter is blown up, you cab recognize if its “pushed”

(you can see the difference…)

And simply disconnect 1 of the 2 wires and don’t connect them together (just tape them together)

Screw the tweeter back in, and you should be fine, but to be honest sound quality is a tiny bit poorer but this is the easy and fastest way :)

Solution 2: Just replace de bad tweeter.

Hope that helps :)

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