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(Asus zenpad Z8s p00j) where can I find replacement screen?

I've look on eBay, Amazon, Google I can not seem to find parts for this specific model. Can anyone point me in the right direction ASUS ZENDPAD ZS8 P00J

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I am having the same problem, Have you had any luck?


Here is a link I found for the Verizon model screen replacement.


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Hi ,

Just wondering if a Zenpad Z8s P00J is the same as a ZenPad Z8s ZT582KL (P00J).

If it is then here is a supplier of a used LCD screen only. (no digitizer I think)

Alternatively here is a new replacement part (complete) from this supplier (click on display check box )

If you decide that it is the same, then it is not a recommendation to use either supplier . It is only to show what may be available and the cost of the part.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Is there a specific reason why you would not recommend this supplier and yes that is the same model that I need



There's no reason either way, good or bad.

It's just that I haven't dealt with either of them myself so I don't know what they are like to deal with etc. and didn't want to give you a wrong impression about them, by implication. You'll have to use your own judgment regarding who you would prefer to deal with. Perhaps I should have said it another way.

Apologies if I confused you.


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