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El chasis W123 cubre 240D's, 300D's, 300TD's, 280E's y varios otros modelos de coupé, sedanes y vagones Mercedes de los modelos 1977 a 1985.

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My pivot mount accelerater wore out on mercedes 300td

the pivot mount accelerator linkage on my mercedes 300td disintergrated and the linkage fell away. i got a new pivot mount and installed it. the accelerator works fine now, however the engine will not stop when i turn the ignition off. i have to open the hood and stop it at the engine. i checked the vacuum lines to see if any came loose. they seemed to be ok. what could be the problem please. the car shut off just fine before linkage fell apart. thank you.

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The vacuum to shut-off valve is not present, so there is likely a leak somewhere. Refer to vacuum diagram under the hood on radiator support (here's link to one in case yours is missing: The emissions controls valves on top of valve cover are first fittings to inspect, since this is near the linkage which you serviced. Next, carefully check each fitting near the firewall where lines enter passenger compartment. Any single fitting being loose will cause reduced vacuum thereby preventing engine shutdown. An easy way to verify leak is confirm that automatic door locking is also not working. Vacuum to door locks also controls engine shut-off valve. Lastly, look at the rear of fuel injection pump, where brown line connects. This is the fitting to shut-off valve and must be properly connected for key-controlled engine shutdown to work correctly. Do not assume a fitting is tight by looking at it, pull the line, then reconnect. A very loose fitting is probably leaking. Diesel oil vapors and airborne particulates degrade rubber fittings, eventually causing leaks. Any rubber hose that is very soft (mushy) should be replaced or at least cut back so stiff solid rubber engages the vacuum fitting. Work slowly, in a logical manner and write things down. The inspection and diagnosis process must be executed thoroughly and succinctly to allow compete and permanent repair.

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The problem is with your vacuum cutoff and is not related to the Mercedes w123 Pivot Mount Accelerator Linkage, unless you bumped or separated a vacuum line while you were installing the pivot mount. You likely have a vacuum line that is leaking because it’s disconnected or one of the rubber connectors is not sealing tight. You’ll have to get a vacuum pump and troubleshoot your way through the vacuum lines. I had a line off from my heating controls, and one of my vacuum check valves was just a pass through and not holding the vacuum. I found both problems and I rebuilt my vacuum pump (which is simple, but the disassembly is very hard. You have to have the right tools, and you have to clean the bolts and drive the Allen sockets into the bolts.

Kent Bergsma, from, has a video on this subject. For beginners, it’s time consuming with lots of disassembly.

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