My ps3 don't power up The green light completly shut down

So i just got my playstation 3 out to play with it i had it hidden for a long time but when i tried to turn it on it won't work.

So when i plug it on there's that usual red light I press the button and it goes to green light as usual and i can hear the fan turning on ... nothing would come up in the tv screen and after a bit of time ( i dunno like maybe 2 minutes ) the green light shut down completly ( i can hear the fan... shut down too ) when i press the button again the red light comes up again and the same scenario get repeated.

At first when that happened to me i tried repeating it a few times and actually worked and the ps3 turned on i played with it normally but after i shut it down and tried to use again it would do the same problem and i gotta turn it on alot of time to get it working but lately it didn't work at all even tho i tried turn it on and waited for it to turn off and turn it on again for multiple times but it won't work at all i dunno where is the problem from i don't remember getting my ps3 damaged or hit please help.

It don't do any type of sound ( beep...) it just simply power off.

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